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UK Rental Property Search

Published 11/15/2011 and rated Ratingstars4 4 out of 5 stars
by AppAppeal Editor
What can you use the app for?

Rentlord offers users a unique way to find a new place to live. The application works through the user’s social network. Users can search for rentals or post an available location on the site. The application goes further by helping the user close a deal with contracts and split bills or rent payments with roommates. Featured homes and tenants are listed on the homepage along with a short description, name, and budget or rate. A search tool is also presented so users can begin looking for a place that meets their needs as soon as they arrive. Each property listing includes embedded Google maps, images, closest stations and a button to contact the landlord or property manager to request more information.

Rentlord screenshot
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What is the history and popularity of the app?

Rentlord was founded in September of 2008 by Sarah Lau, Colin Tan and Kok Hong Cheong. The application was intended to make it easier for landlords and tenants to find one another. The current version covers England, Scotland and Wales. Users in the United States, Canada or anywhere else in the world will not be able to find local rentals using Rentlord. Users can look for available locations or post theirs as available. Each listing presents users with plenty of information, which has earned it a few positive reviews.

What are the differences to other apps?

Rentlord offers a few extra features that make it appealing to users who live in or are moving to England, Wales or Scotland. The application gives the user a good perspective on the property, with embedded maps, closest stations, street view and area information along with the standard address, description and rental rate. Users can also close their rental deals on Rentlord using the contract tool offered by the site. Roommates can set up payment reminders so everyone pays their share of the rent.

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How does the web app look and feel to use?

Rentlord has a pleasant, upbeat appearance that uses fun pink and blue hues without overdoing it. The white background keeps the website nice and organized so the user can easily gather information while they explore the site. That being said, there seem to be a few issues with some of the buttons (especially on the homepage). Some areas are not click-able even though they should be while the intro video refuses to open on both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers. This could be a temporary issue, but it is certainly a frustrating one. Other than that, the site is very user friendly and runs relatively smoothly (with some noticeable load times on certain pages).

How does the registration process work?

Visitors can look for rental properties without creating a Rentlord account. Those who wish to use all features or close a rental deal must log in. This can be done by clicking the blue “Sign Up” link in the upper, right hand corner of the homepage. The short registration form appears at the center of the next page. The form asks for a full name, username, email address, date of birth and password. After submitting the completed form, the user is logged in and asked to describe the type of property they are looking for.

What does it cost to use the application?

Rentlord invite all users to create an account for free. Tenants and landlords are given access to all current features at no cost. There are no subscription fees or other charges required when using Rentlord. Of course tenants will have to pay the rent and deposit they agree to, but this goes to the landlord and not the website. The site also publishes rental property ads on major UK real estate websites for free. There is no listing fee or other expense incurred when adding an available property.

Who would you recommend the application to? is a helpful resource for anyone who would like to rent a home or apartment in Scotland, England or Wales. The application can provide users with a number of options as well as valuable information related to the individual property and surrounding community. Users can easily learn how to search with Rentloard, making it a great choice for anyone (even those who have minimal internet experience).

  • UK users can find rental properties in many neighborhoods
  • Images of each property are included along with a street view option
  • Embedded Google Maps help the user see where the property is located
  • Landlords can be contacted from the property listing page
  • Properties are listed on major UK real estate portals

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